Celebration Cinema Movie Deals - March

Being from the Grand Rapids area, there is one movie theater chain that offers not only discounts on movies, but offers all kinds of events. That is Celebration Cinema. They have events that draw all kinds of crowds such as the Sex and the City party before the movie release and Wizard's Ball before Harry Potter film releases. They play events/shows on the big screen such as the Super Bowl, UFC fights, the MET Opera, live Rifftrax of terrible films, and more. They hold fundraisers, parties (such as the New Year's party), have catering, wedding receptions, and dances. They are a big name in the community supporting local children's events, fundraising for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and supporting the local Gilda's Club Laugh Fest. What I like the most about Celebration Cinema on a weekly/yearly basis, are their Sunday Radio Discount Nights, Celebrating the Classics film series, Late Night Cult Favorites, Big Screen Movie Club Card, and Flick's Family Film Festival.

Local Blockbusters are Going out of Business

Three local Blockbuster locations are closing in the Grand Rapids area. These locations will be completely closed within the next month or so. They are not allowing rentals during this time. These locations include:

  • Leonard and Fuller
  • 28th St. and East Beltline
  • Plainfield by 1-96

All locations are currently selling all of their dvd stock. There are new releases as well as older films available.

Amazon.com Oscar Nominees Sale!

Amazon.com currently has a Oscar nominees DVD and Blu-ray sale. The sale includes not only some of the currently nominated Oscar nominees (Toy Story 3 and I Am Love) but past Oscar nominated films (including No Country for Old Men and The Triplets of Belleville). You can save up to 59% off these highly-acclaimed DVDs. If you're a movie lover like me, check it out, but be careful because your wallet may be drained like mine...


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Why Do People See Bad Movies?

Why do people see a movie trailer for a bad movie, and think that it is going to be good? Then they come out of the theater wanting their money back or complaining about the movie to their friends. How about this. Actually watch the trailer. Actually listen to the dialogue and watch the special effects. Think about what the plot is actually going to be. Look at who the directors/actors are. You will be less disappointed.

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My So-Called Life

My So-Called Life poster

I have a friend who is not only the Master of the Internet, but he has impeccable taste in movies, television series, and anime (oh and of course video games). He has given me many recommendations and I have liked them all. My So-Called Life was no different, only that when we first watched three episodes of the series during my sophomore year of college together, I had a heard time watching it. Three episodes in, I was an emotional wreck and stopped watching it.

Three years later, I saw the box set of the series sitting on my dad's dvd bookshelf. I was so busy with graduate school and work that I put it aside for another year. Finally, I realized it was also on hulu.com and decided to start watching it.

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 poster

When I was younger and saw the trailer for the original Toy Story, I was freaked out. It wasn't at the part of toys being alive. It was which toys were alive. A creepy baby doll head missing an eye with creepy hairs coming out of its bald head and a pair of legs on a fishing pole with no head/arms/body scared the crap out of me. Nightmares. But I went to see it anyway because it was what all the other students were talking about. It turned out to be an excellent movie which probably made me love my toys/stuffed animals even more. I didn't take as much of a liking to the sequel, but at least it was a Pixar sequel with a legit storyline instead of a terrible movie altering Disney sequel (I'm looking at you Lion King 1 1/2, Cinderella 3, and The Little Mermaid 3).

The Maiden Heist

The Maiden Heist poster

I saw this movie on the shelf at Blockbuster and it stood out right waway. Red and blue case, Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H. Macy, three of my favorite actors staring up at me. I had no idea what this movie was about. I was not going to spend $5 to rent it. So, I waited a few months and went to Family Video to rent it for 50 cents. After putting the disc in the dvd player, the first thing I heard was a song that sounded like "Creep" (an instrumental version).

Wasting Away (aka Aaah Zombies!)

Wasting Away poster

Hollywood goes through phases. Currently we are seeing movies in the categories of superheroes, vampires, and zombies. Out of the three, my favorite happens to be zombies. More recent zombie flicks are comedic, and Wasting Away can definitely be included in this category. Wasting Away is a low-budget zombie film which won Audience Choice Award at Screamfest in 2007.

Despicable Me

Despicable Me poster

I am a sucker for animated films. So much that I had been waiting for this film since I found out about it and the actors and actresses involved.

I love stories about villains who are trying to be the best villain they can, but have hero qualities. I also love dark humor. These aspects can be found in films such as Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Igor, and of course, Despicable Me. Gru (voiced by Steve Carell), used to be the best villain. He is out-villained by another who stole a pyramid in Egypt. Gru is then denied a bank loan from the Bank of Evil because he is getting to be old. So, he tries to steal the moon by adopting three girls who sell cookies door to door. He uses them to try and capture a shrink ray from the evil villain who stole the pyramid.

Date Night

Date Night poster

Many of us have been in relationships where we get to know the other person so well for years and feel comfortable with the other person. So comfortable that we feel as if we are having the same conversations, eating at the same restaurants, and participating in the same routines. The movie Date Night is about one of these couples (Steve Carell and Tina Fey) who are married with kids and afraid that they are playing the same boring roles. Once they see that their friends are getting a divorce for that very reason, they dress up and plan an exciting date at a fancy restaurant to keep the passion alive.